HK Bentley is a leading and innovator in the fields of OCC/OTS compliance and fraud investigations. We are a tough no nonsense street smart firm that can find out “what really occurred “ on any file. Our staff includes experts in credit management, document prep and verification, appraisal, servicing and essentially all areas of the loan process. WE find ourselves in a trying environment where lenders and mortgage secondary buyers often are cleaning up non performing loans. If you need help determining what went wrong and by whom, with evidence and full support by documents, call HK Bentley.

WE currently manage the appraisal ordering process for many lenders and banks. This achieves “ appraiser independence” as required by the OCC/OTS. If you wish to outsource this, we are the solution. We handle appraisal management, appraisal ordering, appraiser licensing and E & O coverage tracking, quality control, value appeal issues and mostly FULL compliance with OCC/OTS regulations. A relationship with us eliminates the need for you to have staff on your payroll to handle this portion of your business.