HK Bentley APPRAISERS is seeking appraisers nationwide! Only professional appraisers with an established track record of performance and integrity are accepted by the HK Bentley APPRAISERS review team. In order to become a member of our network, an appraiser must have these qualifications:

  • The appraiser must hold a valid state appraisal license or certification and that license or certification must be in good standing
  • The appraiser may not be on the current exclusionary list of major lenders as supplied to HK Bentley APPRAISERS by those lenders.
  • The appraiser may not be on the HK Bentley APPRAISERS internal exclusionary list, which contains appraisers that we know to have blatantly disregarded the needs of clients or ignored basic requests for information.
  • The appraiser may not have ever had their appraisers license or certification revoked for reasons relating to a breach of professional ethics or criminal misconduct.
  • The appraiser must provide HK Bentley APPRAISERS with all necessary and up-to-date contact and tax information.
  • The appraiser will provide HK Bentley APPRAISERS with a list of certifications and designations from nationally recognized granting organizations (such as The Appraisal Institute, HUD, FHA and others).
  • The appraiser must have a valid email address and web access account as well as the ability to produce and transmit appraisals with digital photographs, digital signatures and in Adobe Acrobat format.